Retina WP Accessory Bag
Retina WP Accessory Bag


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Retina Small Lumbarpack
Retina Small Lumbarpack


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Retina Active Backpack
Retina Active Backpack


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Type of Frame

Internal-frame backpacks are meant to keep a hiker steady over uneven, off-kilter terrain. They may include a number of load-support technologies, all of which work to shift the burden to the wearer's hips. 

External-frame backpacks: With an external-frame pack, the structure that supports the weight is visible on the outside: aluminum hardware. If you're carrying a big, uneven load, a backpack like this can be a good alternative because the frame extends beyond the backpack. External-frame packs also have a variety of gear organizing choices and superb ventilation. 

Ultralight hikers who like to trek quickly and light may prefer a frameless backpack or a climbing pack with a detachable frame for weight savings. Packs without a frame, on the other hand, are far more unpleasant while carrying hefty items. 


Some backpacks have a mesh back panel hanging from the frame to prevent sweaty back syndrome, which is common with internal-frame packs that ride against your body. This trampoline-like design, also known as "tension-mesh suspension," has the frame-supported bookbag ride a few inches away from your back, which instead rests on the very breathable mesh. To alleviate the same problem, other packs will incorporate ventilation slots in the rear panel. 


Some individuals like a large backpack, while others prefer a smaller one. Consider the size and location of each pocket while examining them. Elasticized side pockets, for example, lay flat when not in use but extend out to store a water bottle, tent poles, or other loose items. When wearing the pack, they are frequently accessible. Small goods such as a phone, food, a lip balm, or sunscreen can be stored in hipbelt pockets when hiking. Shovel pockets are simply flaps sewed on the front of a backpack and secured with a buckle at the top. Originally designed to contain a snow shovel, these pockets are now found on many 3-season packs, where they may be used to store a map, jacket, or other small, light goods. 

Daypack that can be removed 

Some backpacks have a removable daypack, which is ideal for shorter journeys from camp, such as summit attempts or supply runs during a thru-hike. This detachable daypack is frequently designed in the overnight pack's top lid or reservoir pocket: It separates from the main pack and may be worn as a hipbelt or a small backpack. 

Compartment for Sleeping Bags 

This is a zippered storage pocket towards the packbag's bottom. If you don't want to use a stuff sack for your sleeping bag or want to be able to draw your sleeping bag out of the backpack without unloading other goods, this is a beneficial feature. Though it's meant to contain a sleeping bag, this compartment may also be used to store other items that you'd like to have easy access to. 


You may get hip, lower back or shoulder aches if you use a lightweight backpack with minimalistic hipbelt and lumbar cushion. If this is the case, consider switching to a pack with a softer hipbelt. 

Just as there are different suitable times and places for a tie or a sneaker, the same is true for men's bag designs. For example, a leather business bag will not be suitable for your weekend getaways, and a backpack will not fit your office attire on weekdays. Therefore, do not forget to use the right bag for the right situation. If you absolutely want to wear a backpack to the office, choose it from a stylish leather design. 

Remember how important the choice of color is 

Those who take pride in their personal style know how important accessories are. The right bag has the power to take your outfit to the next level. But when you choose the wrong color, there is a high probability that you will stand out but not in the way you’d hoped for. Therefore, when choosing the bag you will use, we recommend that you pay attention to its color, texture and how well it goes with the rest of your outfit. 

Bag not fit for purpose 

Just as it would be strange to take a small bag with you when you go to a meeting with a lot of documents and have the documents scattered in your hand, it also doesn’t make sense to carry a big bag with all your everyday necessities when you go out for coffee on the weekend. Therefore, it is useful to have different men's bag models for different scenarios. So you can use them appropriately! 

Do not neglect the care of your suede or leather bags 

It can still affect your style negatively if you don’t take proper care of it. Especially leather and suede bags can make even the most stylish outfits look bad when they are neglected. Therefore, regularly maintain your bags with leather care materials and suede care materials. Keep them clean! 

Single Color Clothes 

Color detail is also important when you’re matching a bag to your outfit. Choose a patterned bag when you’re wearing a monochrome outfit or opt for a simpler bag You can always match the bag with your shoes, an accessory or the color scheme of your outfit. 

Street and Urban Style 

The bag, which is an important accessory in street style, can make any outfit special. This is why choosing an appropriate bag for any occasion is important. For example, if you’re going shopping choose a larger bag, or if you're going on a walk – a backpack to carry all your essentials. 

Baggy backpacks with a lot of room in them are the perfect street style item. Especially skaters prefer wearing more casual and multifunctional backpacks. As urban style is an evolution of the 90’s hip-hop wave, backpacks of that era are now becoming increasingly trendier. LSTNR is offering backpacks of that fashion generation. Feel free to have a look at our backpack collection.

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