Jacket should be comfortable

Depending on the type of leather, it is advised that you get a size down. Fit is important, and it's what will make your style stand out. Give it a go! 

Choosing the Correct Color 

Because you'll be wearing your sassy leather jacket a lot, it's crucial to choose colors that complement your personality as well. Avoid wearing a coloured leather jacket if you don't feel comfortable in it. In such situations, a monochrome leather jacket is a secure option. Take it up a level with a patterned leather jacket if you don't mind a burst of vibrant colors! 

Select Your Style 

It might be challenging to discover your style with so many trends circulating in the market. Consider how many instances you'd need this jacket for. Is it for professional or personal use? Here are a few common designs to consider. 

Take Notice Of Its Sleeves 

A leather jacket's sleeve, like the sleeve of a t-shirt or any other jacket type, should not extend over the wrist line. If it goes well above your wrists, it will be too long for you. Motorcycle jackets are an exception in this situation, as they often feature a longer sleeve. 

Sewing Threads 

Sewing threads are yarns that have been created and manufactured to flow through a sewing machine and make effective stitches without breaking or getting deformed during the product's life. A thread's primary purpose is to provide beauty and performance in stitches and seams. 

Cotton, Spun Silk, Spun Polyester, continuous filament polyester, and Spun Nylon continuous filament Nylon are some of the threads used to make jackets. 


A button is a little fastener that binds two pieces of fabric components together in modern clothes and apparel. It is most usually made of plastic, but it may also be made of metal, wood, or seashell. Buttons are used on the front and sleeve cuffs of a garment. Here are some buttons made of various materials. 


Most leather jackets feature zippers as convenient fasteners but also as statement design elements. Zippers are divided into nylon, metal, and plastic zippers, as well as open-end and closed-end zippers. Metal zippers are mostly utilized in high-end jackets and coats.

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The most decisive price factor is if you are buying a genuine leather jacket. Depending on the quality and provenance of the leather hide, as well as the label, a real or genuine leather jacket may cost anywhere from 300€ up. But keep in mind that the most costly option isn't usually the best. We are proud to stock a large selection of vegan leather options, that are not only cruelty-free but also long-lasting and good-looking, plus often more affordable.

  • Vintage leather biker jacket 
  • Bomber Jacket 
  • Racer jacket 
  • Old leather jacket 
  • Light leather jacket 
  • Vegan leather jacket

The best men's leather jackets have uncanny power. They manage to evoke a wonderful sense of self-confidence, audacity, and dynamism at the same time. 

Today, a leather jacket is a must-have for every stylish man's wardrobe, and a great option if you're looking for a jacket or coat as the weather gets colder. You can find the best leather jacket you are looking for by browsing the selection on our page. Shop in-store for a chance to try it on or online with free returns on orders over 50€ within Germany.

A coat or jacket is a piece of apparel worn on the upper body up to the mid-stomach for warmth, insulation, or style. Coats usually feature full sleeves and are open down the front, with buttons or zippers closing them. Some of the most commonly used materials for coats and jackets are: 

  • Leather 
  • Cotton 
  • Cashmere 
  • Wool 
  • Wind- and waterproof materials

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