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Although army surplus versions have a higher waist, the more civilian-friendly design is one that rests between the hips and the belly button because you're unlikely to tuck anything into them. Cargo pants are the perfect pair of casual pants and look great with a belt. 


Choose a pair that is slimmer at the ankle. Keep in mind that the age of cargo trousers that double as parachutes is past. You're looking for a more form-fitting pair that is both casual and cool. 


Pockets are a distinctive characteristic of cargo pants and should be carefully evaluated while looking for the appropriate pair.

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Use Tie-Dye To Add Color 

All you have to do is choose a pair of tie-dye cargo pants to make your outfit stand out.This year's most popular pattern is certain to turn any outfit into something fashionable. 

Choose Combat Boots

Combat boots and cargo trousers make you look like you're ready for a battle. This match appears stylish and cool when the pants are tapered at the ankle and the boots have a chunky platform. Add a shearling coat and you’ll be ready for a night out or a casual dinner date. Experiment With an Unusual Detail 

You'll get the most use out of your men’s cargo pants if you treat them like any other pair of pants. So don't be afraid to wear a pair that stands out, like two-toned trousers. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple—nothing more than a white T-shirt—so that your cargo pants can stay in the spotlight. 

Cool Appearance with our high-end Cargo Pants 

Cargo pants are one of the most recognizable pieces of clothing from the 90’s hip-hop era and a street style staple. The popularity of cargo pants hasn’t faltered since then. They’re not only comfortable but also stylish. Pair them with a loose urban style sweatshirt for the perfect street style look. 

Casual for Summer 

Summer needs light, airy clothing, as well as clothing that makes you feel refreshed. Cargo pants look great in the summer, especially when paired with light-colored tees or polo shirts. These may be worn with sneakers to complete the ensemble. Feel free to discover our cargo pants collection on LSTNR.com! 

Hiking in Cargo 

Cargo pants are suitable for a variety of situations.If you're going on a walk, pair them with hiking boots or you can also combine them with a blazer and a simple t-shirt for a business casual look. 

Printed Cargo Pants 

Patterned cargo parts are a great alternative if you want to go for a more interesting outfit.Match your top with a color from the pattern to finish the look. 

The Cool Look In Winter 

Because winter calls for a lot of layers, you can do a lot of mixing and matching with your outfits. If you want to wear cargo pants throughout the winter, pair them with a button-down shirt and a sweater. This gives a professional and toned-down appearance. 

Play with The Basics 

Maintaining a basic and modern appearance is always simple and excellent. Wear your cargo pants with a simple shirt and a cardigan. This style is perfect for a casual outing with friends or for a date night with your significant other. 

The School Look 

Cargo pants are also a first choice for many students. They are versatile and can be worn with anything from tee shirts to formal button down shirts, and come in a variety of colors. You can wear sneakers, formal shoes, or whatever footwear your dress code allows. 

Cargo Pants and Sneakers 

Combining cargo trousers with a tee shirt or button down shirt and shoes is a great way to look incredibly put together. This style is low-maintenance and appropriate for a variety of situations, such as hanging out with friends or going out.

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