A suit is a must for almost every man. However, if you're like most of us, the prospect of purchasing a new suit is terrifying. What are your plans? What size are you looking for? What is the best material for you? Which color, pattern, and cut are the most appealing? Before you make your decision, you should have a broad notion of why you want a new suit and what type of suit you desire. The fit is the most important aspect of any outfit. A suitable suit should be chosen based on the contour of your body. In addition to this, you should select a material that is particularly breathable. Cotton and linen are quite breathable. Wool regulates temperature better than any other natural material, thus a beautiful lightweight wool sweater can keep you cool as well! The suit's structure and appearance might also help you stay cool.

Slim Fit Suits This suit for men is a trendy, form-fitting shape that is thin at the chest and waist but not to the point of restricting blood flow. A slim fit men's suit follows the natural curves of the body. The suit jackets usually have just the right amount of slickness to them without revealing too much of what's below. This is a more informal fashion-style suit that is more suited to a day at the races than the boardroom. Classic Fit Suit A basic fit suit is a good option for folks who don't want to overthink the process. This suit style for men’s suit is unrestricted in design and enables ventilation without succumbing to a sloppy or untidy aesthetic–not it's called "classic" for nothing. If you want something that's suitable for the office Monday through Friday, but with a suit jacket that can be worn with chinos for a smart-casual weekend appearance, this is an easy pick. Classic suits, it's safe to assume, will never go out of style. Modern Fit Suit Consider the contemporary fit suit if you don't think you can pull off the slim fit suit just yet but want to radiate a higher level of sartorial sophistication. These suits for men fall in between a slim fit and a classic fit. As a result, it creates a tight appearance with plenty of breathing room. You can make this work for almost any event if you choose the proper material and accessories. Modern suit designs are designed to handle any occasion, from casual to formal. The Notch Lapel Suit If you're looking for suit jackets and come across one with a noticeable indentation where the collar and lapel meet, you've found a notch lapel suit. It's the most adaptable of all the lapel designs, so you may wear it to a casual or formal wedding. Peak Lapel Suit The peak lapel's upper edges are looking upward at highly distinct angles directly below the collar, a beautiful variation on the notch lapel suit jackets. The peak lapel is most commonly seen on double-breasted suits, hence it is most commonly seen at sophisticated, formal gatherings and highly special occasions. It gives off a sophisticated vibe. Doubles-Breasted Suit The double-breasted version, which is the polar opposite of the double-breasted men's suit, generally has four to eight buttons on each side of the jacket for a distinct sort of aesthetic, although the average number of buttons is usually six. Because the focus of the extra buttons draws the attention to the edges of the jacket, it provides the impression of being broader. This jacket is available in a range of colors and frequently has peak lapels. It's fantastic for formal occasions, but because it's becoming more popular among fashion-conscious guys, it's being worn for a variety of occasions and events. The bottom button should always be left unfastened whether you are standing or sitting, but the top button or buttons, depending on the total number of them, should always be secured.

Suits are fantastic for their simplicity, and every detail counts in a streamlined design. Because most suits are one color, the color of your accessories has a significant impact on the overall image you produce. Continue reading to learn how to match suits and shoes to the event for the sharpest formal look. The Business Style It's crucial to look the part in a corporate setting. A blue suit is unmatched in this situation since it is timeless and confident without being overbearing. The finest shoes to wear with a blue suit are black, navy, or cognac: stick to these colors for a professional appearance. The Elegant Style You might wish to go for a more polished professional style on occasion, something that sticks out from the crowd. In this situation, a well-tailored black suit with dark brown or black shoes is the way to go. The Informal Business Style Although the dress code is more flexible, it is still necessary to have a cohesive attire. A grey suit is subtle and simple to pair with more casual pieces in your closet, making it a great option for casual work scenarios. The Smart Casual Style Classical attire may be suitable in even the most informal jobs. Blue is a good choice in this scenario. The shoes that go best with a blue suit are navy or white. LSTNR is a shopping destination offering the best possible brands, product selection, and service for our customers. You can contact us if you have any questions and let our customer service team or stylists help you with your shopping experience. LSTNR has a wide variety of brands and categories.