Styles of Shoes The type of flat shoe you pick might have a significant influence on the overall appearance of your outfit. Chunky shoes are usually more difficult to wear since they appear heavy on the foot and pull the eye downwards. Width Every person has a unique foot structure. Some have wider feet, others narrower. The main rule to remember when choosing a pair of shoes is that the ankles should always have a little more room to avoid rubbing against the inside of the shoe. Rapport When buying shoes that you will wear for more than eight hours, it is important to choose the ones that fit your feet well. They should not be too large, nor should they be too small, as the constant rubbing of the feet and shoes can cause calluses, blisters and shoe bites. Pay attention to the design Usually, the more extravagant the design of the shoe is, the more uncomfortable the shoe is. Don’t forget to also check the lining of the shoes, some can rub against the skin and cause blisters when worn for a long time.

Lace-up Shoes On a day when you will be on the move for a long time, choosing lace-up shoes will be good for the comfort of your feet. Leather Lace-up Shoes A classic pair of leather lace-up shoes will never go out of style. Especially real leather, which can last for many years as long as it’s taken care of. In this case, you should not compromise on quality for the comfort of your feet. Vintage Lace-up Shoes The most important feature that distinguishes vintage lace-up shoes from others is the presence of various motif patterns on the toe cap, as well as the fact that it’s inspired from vintage fashion. Chunky Lace-up Shoes Chunky lace-up shoes are categorized by their thick soles. This type of shoes has become a street style staple over the past few years and are now an essential piece in every fashion lover’s wardrobe.

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1- Shoes for Casual Wear Sandals look great with both shorts and pants. Casual ensembles, such as shirts and jeans, polo and shorts, and so on, are best worn with canvas. Boat shoes go with anything except loungewear, sportswear, and suits, including chinos, T-shirts, shorts, jeans and shirts, polo and trousers, and so on. When worn with casual clothing, boat shoes and loafers offer you a sophisticated casual image. If you're wearing boat shoes with slacks, make sure you have a pin roll to demonstrate you're not wearing socks. Brogues should not be worn with shorts or tracksuits. Stick to jeans, chinos, and well-fitting pants instead. 2- Lace-up Shoes for Formal Attire Suits look best with Oxford and Derby shoes. Brown Oxford and Derby shoes work nicely with dark brown, grey, or blue suits. Brown brogues can also be worn with blue suits. Black Oxford and Derby shoes, on the other hand, are adaptable and may be worn with a variety of suits, jeans, chinos, and other formal attire. If you want to go for a smart casual vibe with your suits, wear them with shoes. Brown brogues go well with navy blue or grey pants, whereas black brogues go well with black trousers. 3- Combine with Multiple Colors Color matching might seem intimidating at first but it can actually be pretty simple. One way to go is to stick to the classics - white, black, brown and navy. Shoes in these colors go well with pretty much anything. If you want to experiment with patterns or more exciting colors, an easy way to make sure that your shoes match your outfit is to pair them with a garment in the same color family or another accessory in the same color or pattern.

Rather than focusing exclusively on current fashion trends, the "street" approach to style and fashion is generally built on individualism. Individuals display their many, negotiated identities, as well as subcultural and overlapping styles or trends, by employing street style approaches. This is a performance in and of itself since it offers a place for people to explore their identities via the act of dressing up. The New York Times’ Bill Cunningham described the street style as "a sharp record of regular people's attire." He also remarked that if you pay attention to the streets, you can learn a lot about fashion and people. Every day on the streets, he claims, the finest fashion display is taking place. Street style is a highly infectious, instantaneous, and addictive part of fashion that has altered many aspects of fashion production and consumption. Its quick nature also connects it to the phrase consumerism. It also criticizes the usage of "fast fashion" in regard to garment purchase and wearing, given how fashions vary over time, since it obscures the complexity of practice. As a result, you can match your lace-up shoes to your personal street style preferences to create any outfit that expresses your individuality.

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