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Trench coats with a shorter length 

Short trench coats mostly end at the hip or the mid-thigh. Most experts recommend choosing a trench that falls either below or slightly over your hip's broadest point. 

Trench coats with a medium length 

This is the most traditional and widely spread trench coat length. It is also the most generally flattering length. Don’t forget, similar to short trench coats, medium length trench coats must fall just above or slightly below your knee. 

Full-length Trench Coats 

Last but not least, full-length trench coats are those that extend from below the knee to the ankle. As you probably can guess, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the hem of the coat doesn't cut you at an awkward stop. Full-length trench coats are a great way to create an elegant silhouette with your outerwear. 


When purchasing a trench coat, the length of the sleeves is an important consideration. The length of your sleeve should lie between your wrist and the first knuckle of your thumb. Sleeves that are any longer will make your trench appear too big for you, while sleeves that are any shorter will make your trench appear shrunken. 

Although you may style the sleeve length by rolling them up or pushing them up, it's best to make sure they fit just right before purchasing the trench coat. 

Pay attention to the sleeve width as well. The sleeves of some trench coats can be rather big. Sleeves that are overly loose, whether on purpose or not, add too much heft to the arms when worn. Sleeves that are overly tight are subject to a similar restriction. 

Avoid trench coats that are too tight around your arms; you'll notice straining and bunching around your arms if it's too tight. Keep in mind that trench coats are typically used as outerwear, so you'll want to leave enough room beneath the coat to comfortably wear layers. 


It goes without saying that the shoulder area of coats and jackets must be correctly fitted. Many people would say that the shoulders are the most crucial area of the coat so make sure that the coat fits your shoulders comfortably before purchasing it. Often tailoring shoulders in a coat is a tough and costly task.

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Trench Coats for a Relaxed Look 

Trench coats are stylish when worn with jeans and a t-shirt or a sweater. It's a favorite among fashion bloggers and off-duty models, so give it a try on your next day off! Your shoes may also drastically alter the look of your ensemble: keep it casual with sneakers, or dress it up with loafers, ballerina flats, pumps, or ankle boots. Instead of jeans, you may wear a basic cotton or sweater dress underneath. 

Workplace Trench Coats 

It might be difficult to locate outerwear that meets your office's business formal dress requirements but a trench coat will always be the classic choice. A trench coat will go well with everything in your wardrobe, from sheath dresses, to blouses and pencil skirts, and even pantsuits. Whatever length trench coat you pick, you can rest assured that it will comfortably conceal your blazer. 

Formal Events 

A lot of outerwear doesn't look nice with formal clothing like cocktail dresses and evening gowns, just like it doesn't look good with office attire. If a fur coat is too much for you, layer your dress under a trench coat. 

With High-Waisted Jeans and Heeled Sandals 

Dark jeans, as well as a sleeveless shell top can always be dressed up or down. Swap your jeans for work trousers and close-toed pumps for a more professional look! The trench serves as the perfect finishing touch! 

Casual with Trench Coat 

Combine your trench coat with a pair of biker shorts for a casual transitional look. Depending on the temperature, put a long sleeve tee or a crew neck sweater over top. You could combine your piece of choice with sneakers, tube socks and a baseball cap for a sporty, Lady Diana inspired, sophisticated and cool look. 

Sticking to a consistent color palette is crucial when merging traditional pieces like a trench coat with a more sporty look. Remember, you can never go wrong with neutrals and earth tones.

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