We believe in a better, more conscious future. Let’s build it together.

The hard thing about driving change is to know where to start. That’s why we have implemented easy, concrete tools for you to navigate our shop with a conscience. Whilst there is an infinity of ways to make our world a better place, there are five topics in particular that are close to our hearts and brands. Click below to shop items that are:


We love to help protect our animals.

No animal testing

At LSTNR animals are kings, just ask our numerous office dogs… We do not support animal-testing in any way or form and only stock brands and products that don’t kill bunnies for beauty (or any other furry friends in fact). Further more we vow to grow our portfolio of beauty brands in a way that at least half of our items are 100% vegan. Selfcare feels so much better, knowing it did not hurt any being along the process. For more information on how to shop cruelty-free beauty and personal care products visit

No to fur - yes to leather alternatives

The only „fake“ we like in fashion is fake fur. We have imposed a strict ban on real animal fur in any fashion pieces and accessories we stock. And if we feel like snuggling up in a fluffy piece of plush it’s going to have to be faux. For real. We also already offer a fantastic range of fashion styles made with fake leather or leather alternatives which we are constantly increasing. And we will always be the first to support innovative materials, such as faux-down made from recyled ocean plastic.


We love to help protect our planet.

Reducing our impact on the environment

Seasonal fashion is far from being sustainable. Fact. We do not claim to have all the answers and we still have a long way to go before the industry can truly say it’s sustainable, but at LSTNR we are continouisly working towards a minimisation of our environmental impact. We favour and champion brands that have 100% sustainable, biodegradable or recyclable materials, transparent supply chains, carbon-neutral production and recycling schemes.

Aiming for Carbon-neutral business

Becoming a fully CO2 neutral company isn’t that easy, but it is a challenge we are more than willing to take on with joy! Working on our delivery process and packaging is the first step. Our shipping partner of choice, DHL, has set goals of being carbon-neutral globally in over 220 countries and territories by 2050 and have localised goals such as increasing our carbon efficiency by 50% compared to 2007 levels. In our own offices we have a cycling to work programme, reusable lunch boxes and a ban on printing anything that can be done on a screen.

Made in Europe

We love to support local businesses.

Local Heroes

Although we are global citizens, we value and worship our local heroes. LSTNR actively supports finest products and services developed and produced in their creatives’ home region. Local heroes demonstrate an investemnt into the local economy and environment. That is why we have decided to tag all products „Made in Europe“ for you to find our local champions and for shipping ways to be short and sweet.

Our city, our heart

LSTNR started out as the Listener store on the heart of Frankfurt. We will never forget our roots, as our Listener community became our LSTNR family. Using our platform, we love to shine the spotlight on our personal local heroes of the Rhein-Main-Region. Our events are at the very core of our being. It is where we express our true identity: a diverse mix of people meets to enjoy contempoary art and design whilst dancing to the best techno in town. Museums, DJs, caterers, baristas, designers, artists, performers - the LSTNR universe is ever-expanding.

Give Back

We love to support those in need.

Products with a heart

There is a wealth of stylish products and brands out there that constantly manage to combine their mission for a better lifestyle with a mission to do good. Whether it is to fight injustice, violence, poverty, sickness, climate change or cruelty against our planet around the globe, we are all in! Be it by planting trees for each sale of a product, exchanging plastic for rice, launching limited editions for funding cancer research and many more, we welcome each of these partners with open arms and hearts and will always promote them on our channels without making a profit.

Charity in our lives

Part of our yearly profits flow into our LSTNR charity fund, which each year supports 3 charities of our employees’ choice, determined by a vote at the end of each year. We announce these charities to our community via our communication channels. Further more we have introduced a „Volunteer Day Off“: each employee spends one fully paid working day per year with a charity or project of their choice, supporting their community or a benevolent project that is important to them.

Community Empowerment

We love to promote diversity and inclusiveness.

Better together

We believe in the power of diversity. We celebrate our colourful mix of multi-faced personalities, backgrounds, cultures, styles, identifications… We do not discriminate based on race, age, gender, religion or identity. In fact, we do not discriminate based on anything that makes a person who they are. Be it in our hiring process, in our brand selection or choice of business partners. On we like to champion those brands in particular, that are brought to us by a community with an „outstanding“ success story - from female founders to POC artists, we promote cultural and business diversity and want the unusual to become the new normal.

Every body

We work in an industry that has been guilty of setting unrealistic and very uniform beauty standards over decades. It’s high time to change that and to champion models of every shape, size, age or colour. In the imagery produced by our photography studio we push for diversity and refuse to make post-production corrections to bodies and faces.

LSTNR - Listening to drive change.

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